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So Saturday just gone Dr V Pather changed my Orthodontic wires. Half and hour in the chair and the jobs done

I’ve had no pain from this wire change although I expected there to be with how much my teeth have moved. Currently, all I have got at the moment is a a couple of ulcers from where my brackets are catching but this isn’t bothering me in the slightest, nothing like some good old Orthodontic wax to do the trick of preventing this occurring again.

My Orthodontic brace is going so well and like I’ve said before I am incredibly happy with the decision I made. Not only has it boosted my confidence in my smile, I’ve also lost a couple of pounds along the way as I’m having to control my diet and brush my teeth more regularly! No more snacking for me

Here is a photo of Dr V Pather changing my wires. I currently have dry lips which has caused a few little cuts, so please ignore that. I’m sorry to any off those who may see this to be a little scary but I can honestly assure you it is nothing off the sort! It’s the most painless treatment I’ve ever had, yes our dental instruments look deceiving but I guarantee they do such a good job!!! I couldn’t ask for a better dentist either, I highly recommend Dr V Pather to any new patients, especially if your anxious or scared. Not only is he a lovely dentist, he is also absolutely amazing with his anaesthetic injections, the amount of people I’ve heard compliment how gently he is and how “they don’t feel a thing” is wonderful!

It’s truly amazing how much time flies, it’s my 9th week of having my brace and I can truly say I feel like I’ve had them on for a few days! My Orthodontic brace has not affected me or my daily routines, yes they’re not the prettiest of braces but with all the new materials that have been developed over the years and can now use, my braces are barely noticeable! I’ve had no negative comments, only people complimenting how much of a change has happened within such a small amount of time

If anyone has any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us at Dental Perfection, we are more than happy to help