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To any off those currently undergoing Orthodontic treatment with Dental Perfection or are considering it, it is very important that you maintain good oral hygiene throughout the process! This just takes a few extra more minutes during your day to ensure you keep your teeth clean and healthy and most important DECAY FREE!!! 
When wearing fixed Orthodontic appliances you do need to apply additional care when it comes to cleaning your teeth. During the process you have fixed brackets and wires attached to every individual tooth making it harder to thoroughly brush. You will find that you are more likely prone to build up more calculus and plaque deposits as you will struggle to get into certain areas to remove them. Due to this if you do not maintain good oral hygiene and do not sufficiently brush in areas and leave the plaque to harden and grow, you are at a higher risk off caries being produced, meaning we will be seeing much more of you at the dentist and you’ll be requiring filling after filling
However, just follow some simple cleaning techniques provided by your dentist before the process begins and complete these everyday and you’ll have no problem at all. From my experience and based upon dental facts, when wearing a fixed brace it is important to brush three x a day with a soft bristle electric tooth brush, this is to be done every morning, lunch and night. This means that after every meal you are protecting your teeth from plaque accumulation as all the bacteria and sugars gathered from your food substances have been removed and don’t have time to build upon the teeth leaving you at higher risk of decay in the future. Not only is it important to brush your teeth to ensure you keep your teeth clean but also to keep the Orthodontic appliances. Not brushing your teeth will just leave you with dirty brackets collected with calculus and a bad breathe, which no one really wants, do they? 
It is important that you are regular seen by a hygienist to to ensure on your behalf they keep your mouth extra squeaky clean and remove any calculus present, that you couldn’t. We advise you to see them twice a year through your treatment which will be included but we will always recommend you to go for a deep clean before your treatment begins. 
Obviously when having a fixed Orthodontic appliance you are unable to floss on a daily basis but don’t you worry, we offer other interdental products which are suitable for you to use in your case. On a daily basis, twice a day.. I use my fellow friends the Tepe brushes, I currently use red and orange for the front of my teeth and purchase the blue for my back molars. All you need to do is simply work the brush gently in between your teeth ensuring it feels slightly tight allowing the brush to brush away any plaque stuck in between. Like flossing, do not worry if you bleed occasionally, it is a good sign that you are removing away any bacteria present.  I also use Easy Picks on a regular basis which do the same trick as a Tepe brush and are recommended for braces or people undergoing implant work. What’s good about these Interdental products is that they are reusable till they look dirty or have bent! The Easy Picks can be carried with yourselves in the box provided on purchase and are incredibly ideal when your out and about and get food trapped within your braces. 
We sell the Tepe Brushes and Easy Picks at our practices for £3.70 and they last for long amount off time. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to ensure thorough cleaning. 

Anyone that has any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our practices in Littleover and Branston”</p