Graces orthodontic brace

  1. Grace
On the 25th November the lovely Dr V Pather applied my orthodontic brace. Although working at the practice, I was treated no different to any registered patient. It was done at my own pace with me allowing to have as many breaks as I required. Nothing but reassurance was given to me in the chair which left me feeling comfortable through the whole process.
I have now had my orthodontic brace on for around four weeks and will be having my wires changed in the New Year. I have had no issue with the way they look, it hasn’t affected my confidence as I know good results will be awaiting me at the end off my treatment. 
For the first couple of days I felt nothing, only discomfort from having the brackets attached to my teeth. However, a week in I began to feel the pressure off my teeth moving but a bit of pain relief does the job. This only lasted a week and now I just get the occasional twinge from a tooth. For me I believed Invisalign wouldn’t be suitable, I wouldn’t be content with wearing it for so many hours a day. Whereas a fixed orthodontic brace, I have nothing to worry about with having such a forgetful memory. 
I am incredibly pleased with how my orthodontic brace is going and I can already see a huge improvement from where my concerns wer to begin with. I already had straight upper teeth but for my treatment to work I needed to ensure my bite would be correct. My only concerns were my lower teeth, where I had some slight over lapping and a tooth placed higher than another. I had already had a brace as a teenager but unfortunately I did what most people didn’t do at the end, I didn’t wear my RETAINER! In the space of four weeks my teeth have rotated, my high tooth has lowered and my teeth are beginning to look aligned. It’s amazing! 
I will keep everyone updated with how my orthodontic brace is going as well as how best to care for it! However, if anyone has any questions regarding this treatment do not hesitate to ask me or my colleagues on 01283 564142