Root Canal

Improving Tooth Aesthetics With Cosmetic Bonding

When a tooth becomes decayed, fractured or infected, the small deeper nerves can become irritated and damaged. Pain results, and let’s be honest, it can be pretty bad.

At Dental Perfection our principal aim is to alleviate the unpleasantness, as speedily and comfortably as possible, by flushing out the root canal, where the nerve is, then filling the gap with a unique material to ensure infection cannot return. This saves the tooth and restores normal function.

On occasion, root canals can meander and be difficult to fill, but our in-house experts handle even the most difficult teeth. We use the latest bonding techniques and materials to ensure that your root canal treatment is done to the highest standard – ensuring a long, healthy life for your tooth.

Why should I bother with this and not just get the tooth extracted?

Root canal treatment aims to save the tooth, which then can be used for eating, talking and improved aesthetic appearance. It is easier to extract, but good dental practice is always to attempt to save a tooth first.

Why are these different to normal fillings?

Root canal treatment aims to stabilise a dead tooth by filling its roots. Standard fillings do not touch the roots, they simply fill gaps in the tooth’s enamel.

Does this procedure hurt?

After you have been “numbed-up”, the rest should be painless.