Nervous Dental Patients


Support For Nervous Dental Patients

You are not alone in feeling scared or nervous about coming to the dentist, and the team here at Dental Perfection are here to sit down and have a caring and friendly chat with you about your concerns and how to overcome them.

You can rest assured that all treatments carried out will be done with a gentle approach and at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Sedation in dentistry is either in the form of a tablet, which can be taken a few hours before a procedure or by administering a medicine into a vein in your arm allowing you to feel relaxed and calm whilst having treatment carried out.

The definition of conscious sedation is that you will be able to maintain verbal contact at all times with a wide margin of safety in the choice of drugs and techniques used, allowing treatments ranging from a gum treatment through to advanced dentistry needing to be carried out.

One of the main benefits of using sedation in dentistry is that it allows an “amnesic” effect. This means that it will eradicate any memory regarding your visit and put you in a sleep like state.

It is at times called “sleep dentistry” and the closest thing that we have to general anaesthetic, because most people fall asleep whilst being sedated but you are really conscious as you are capable to respond to verbal commands, feeling really relaxed and comfortable.

Our dentists here wish to give you the safest and most pain free dental treatments, and we are happy to discuss any of your needs before you go for sedation.

A standard hour session starts from £100 per block of treatment.

About Dr Gill

Dr Harmeet Gill has been providing sedation to help relax and calm patients for the last 4 years. She is SAAD qualified to carry out conscious sedation techniques and it is an area of dentistry she very much enjoys helping nervous patients to have their treatment carried out, in a comforting environment.

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