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Ceramic Braces

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Metal braces are a standard form of orthodontic treatment, but are noticeable and many people prefer a much more discreet option.

Ceramic braces are a very useful alternative, working in exactly the same way, but are coated with a tooth-coloured material, rendering them far less visible.

They straighten and align teeth to improve function, appearance and oral health. Ceramic braces use their unique tooth-coloured attachments to deliver gentle pressure – to move your teeth into their correct position.

Ceramic braces can also be used to create extra space for insertion of bridges, or even implants. Duration of treatment varies, depending on complexity and the degree of tooth movement required.

Order of treatment

Firstly, your tooth-coloured brackets are carefully positioned, then attached with a special form of dental cement, by an orthodontic specialist. Aesthetically-coated wires (either stainless steel or titanium) are then attached to the brackets by durable elastic rubber bands: these work to produce the subtle forces that move your teeth to the correct position.

For more involved movement of teeth, larger elastic bands may be used. Although still attached to the front of teeth, they are significantly less visible than with the traditional metal system. You’ll soon forget you’re even wearing braces and smile with confidence, even while your teeth are steadily straightening.


What are the advantages of ceramic braces?

They are nearly tooth-coloured and so blend in with your mouth.

Do ceramic braces stain?

They can stain, but if it is an issue, the bands on the brackets can be changed.

Will I need retainers after the treatment?

Commonly, a retainer is both needed and recommended by your orthodontist.

“In love with my smile, thank you so much”
– Sophia