Dental Crown

Repairing your teeth with crowns

Porcelain crowns can be used in both cosmetic and general dentistry. Not only can they provide protection and restoration for a damaged tooth they can also straighten teeth, close gaps and alter the colour.

Crowns are designed to restore and rebuild those teeth which have been broken down due to multiple fillings trauma or decay.

As one of the only clinics in the Midlands area who utilises world class dentistry in the form of a Cerec machine and with the added back up of our own dedicated laboratory we can offer a patient’s metal free ceramic crowns to make you smile and natural looking as possible.

Please click below to see how crowns Could improve the health and appearance of your teeth.

“I was fed up of my filling that kept falling out, and I never felt like I could bite on that side of my mouth. After being advised of a cown – I can no chew food and not think about it. It looks so much better than t horrible silver filling that I had. The white crown was worth every penny.”
– David