Porcelain Veneers

Veneer dentist in Derby and Burton

A veneer is a thin layer of material placed over the top of the tooth, ordinarily this is something used to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth by altering the shape, size, colour or even the positioning.

Porcelain ceramic veneers are often used by dentist to modify the shape colour strength and integrity of teeth.

They can be used for cosmetic purposes but also for health reasons to give a tooth strength and better appearance. Ceramic veneers are customarily handcrafted and hand painted to provide the best looking and most natural looking results possible.

If you are considering improving your smile using veneers, whether that be for misshapen, chipped or discoloured teeth. Please come in for a consultation. Our award winning leading dentist Dr Taunk has treated hundreds of patients over the years and will often be able to show you cases which have been completed in the past which may be similar to what you are presenting with.

This will give you an idea of what can be achieved for you and what may be involved in doing so.

“I love my new straight white veneers! My teeth were discoloured and I had old fillings that did not look great on my front teeth. After around 4 weeks of treatment, I walked out smiling from ear to ear.”

– Michelle

5 Great reasons to choose Dental Perfection for your Bridge treatment:

1. It’s all about experience

The Dental team has provided scores of bridge treatments over the years. So when it comes to getting your gaps closed we have the experience.

2. No Hidden costs

We understand the financial sacrifice our Patients make to have that perfect smile, so to make things clear and simple We offer a simple cost breakdown of all your treatment. It’s all inclusive so you don’t spend another penny and know exactly what you’re getting.

3. Flexible payment methods

To help make your smile a reality you can either:

  1. Use interest free credit to spread the cost
  2. Benefit from a discount and pay upfront and get a 5% discount

4. Hand crafted ceramics and porcelains

As we have our own in-house lab we have complete quality control on any treatment which is being made and as part of this we offer all patients having bridge work a free colour appointment with our technicians to make sure you get the smile you want.

5. Late night and weekend appointments

To help with availability we are open late nights and weekend and We only have 2 clinics so availability outside of working hours makes the journey to a straighter smile as easy as possible.