Personalised Smile Makeover

Personalised Smile Makeover

Complete smile makeovers personally tailored to your very needs.

Here at Dental Perfection we believe in your uniqueness as a person and often many of our patients attend after having completed a lot of their own research online or having spoken to some of our other patients or friends & family, therefore to get the most out of the process of creating a new smile, we have a very structured process which gives our patients the ability to get the best smile possible.

“If I had to describe Dental Perfection in one word, Fabulous…”
– Mel

The Stages of Your Smile Makeover:

Stage 1

Involves a consultation, this one to one consultation gives you the opportunity for a patient to bring in smiles they like & a list of assets they would like to achieve. It also gives us a chance to discuss an possible worries or concerns a patient may have regarding treatment, on going maintenance, costings and any particular time line we may be working towards such as a wedding or birthday.

Stage 2 - presenting what’s possible

Now we know what you want we can plan and create your own individual plan and give you different options to get their.<br /> Because no two smiles are identical, it follows that no two treatment plans are also identical. At stage 2 we will give you a written dental report showing what is to be involved in the creation of your new smile. We will also give you a menu type process of varying options and varying costs for you to decide & budget for what you deem the ideal option.

Stage 3 wearing your trial smile

Once we have agreed on the types of treatment, costings and process involved, our team will begin to create time slots to work around your schedule in order to allow the treatment to be completed, this often involves weekends and you will be allocated to your own treatment coordinator who will be a point of personal contact throughout your journey, so at no stage you will be left without someone who does not know what stage your treatment is at. You will also be involved with our team of technicians based to give you the best possible result in terms of colour, shape &; design.

Stage 4 looking after your investment.

Aftercare & maintenance. All of your treatment carries guarantees and as part of your treatment you will be offered to join our maintenance programme in order to protect and preserve your investment in your new smile. You also will become one of our premium clients & as such will always be allocated to a treatment coordinator for any future dental care queries.