Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I visit the dentist for a routine examination?

Most patients attend the dentist for a routine check up every 6 months. We encourage patients to come regularly as it allows us to identify problems at any early stage before they become too much of an issue or begin to cause pain. This allows us to sort out issues promptly and often means we can avoid more complicated and extensive treatment.

What is a hygienist and do I need to see one?

A Dental hygienist is a dental practitioner that specialises specifically in sailing and polishing teeth.

Healthy teeth and gums are essential to ensure you keep your teeth for the rest of your life. We offer hygiene service here at Dental Perfection to provide you the best possible knowledge of maintaining good oral hygiene and a healthy mouth. We believe it is beneficial for all patients to see a hygienist on a regular basis, however this is personal preference and something that is a decision that is always at our patients own accord.

Can I get seen today/tomorrow? What about Emergencies?

We always intend to see our registered patients suffering serious pain within 24 hours of contacting us. Where possible we will also see unregistered patients on a private basis, this involves a £40.00 emergency consultation fee.

We set aside emergency slots during each day for dental emergencies; please call us as early as possible to request appointment.

Can I be put to sleep?

We offer sedation I help calm and relax patients though any major treatment.

Why should I have teeth whitening treatment at Dental Perfection?

Yes, absolutely we offer teeth whitening at an affordable cost by all of our team of experienced dental practitioners, we provide the safest and most effective whitening agents that can be used on teeth. Unfortunately not everybody is suited to teeth whitening which is why it is essential to undergo a free initial consultation with one of our dentists beforehand.

How long will the process take and how much will it cost?

We believe in price transparency and to allow you to budget. Once a specific treatment plan has been created it along with the time lines and the individual steps will be explained and provided to you.

This is provided by your treatment director to make your journey to a straighter smile as easy as possible we allocate an experienced member of staff to you for help support and simply just being there when you need them.

I am concerned & conscious of the appearance of my smile - what can I do about this?

Here at Dental perfection we offer a free cosmetic consultation for all patients. This is a great chance for you to express your concerns to the dentist and gives the dentist an opportunity to discuss different treatment options available to suit your requirements.